An Education Village

An Education Village

an education village for

the 21st century

Abramson Architects was selected in a competitive process based on its inspired creativity and their depth of experience in both Early Childhood Education design and Jewish institutional projects. This partnership will provide Aaron Milken Center at Wise with a unique combination of design understanding, project-specific qualifications, dedication and enthusiasm.

A thoughtful construction plan will maximize the beautiful hilltop campus with state-of-the-art facilities and a sense of connection with the natural world. Vibrant interior spaces will foster growth and learning for our children in a nurturing community for parents and families alike.

Creative Classroom Spaces

Our world-class program for world-class students requires creatively designed classrooms that lend themselves to discovery, exploration, and collaborative learning.

Parenting center

Parents with babies and young toddlers will connect with each other while also learning valuable skills to raise happy, healthy, curious little ones. Children and parents alike will develop their first friendships and lifelong bonds, establishing Jewish roots in our community.

Beit Midrash

 As a Jewish preschool, our moments of learning, observance, joy, and celebration are often spent being with each other as one large community. Imagine a holy space designed just for our children and families, where Judaism comes alive through participation in music, prayer, and Torah.



“Together, we are creating an interconnected educational village of classrooms, outdoor play areas, gathering spaces, and sensory learning gardens. The classrooms, and their respective play areas, are arranged by age group allowing students to ascend throughout the Wise campus as they grow through their early childhood education. The open layout provides a visual and physical connection to the existing campus and the expansive hillside views. Aaron Milken Center will reflect this vibrant community and accommodate its emergent curriculum. 

Marco Marraccini, AIA Partner
Abramson Architects