Create Our Future

Create Our Future

Our Vision

Stephen Wise Temple has been a pioneer and innovator in education for more than five decades. Our Parenting Center and Early Childhood Education programs have touched and shaped the lives of tens of thousands of families in our community, enriching Jewish life in Los Angeles and beyond.

Building upon this legacy, we need to grow and evolve along with those young lives we hope to enrich with meaning and purpose. And now, thanks to the vision and generosity of the Lowell Milken Family, our efforts will expand physically, conceptually and professionally. We have the opportunity to create a world-class learning environment and community in which visionary leaders, gifted educators and parents partner to nurture the “breath of school children.”

The Aaron Milken Center represents a transformational opportunity, one that will ensure a vibrant future as we build a meaningful foundation for our children to grow and thrive. And for those of us devoted to Stephen Wise Temple and all it represents, this is a unique opportunity to build connections for generations to come.

In addition to our traditional emphasis on Early Childhood Education and a Parenting Center, the Aaron Milken Center at Wise will offer community and sacred spaces to truly create a place where all ages feel welcome and inspired.


“The Talmud teaches us that the world exists because of the breath of school children. It’s clear that for our sages, education is an existential imperative. In partnership with the Lowell Milken Family, we will strive with all our energy and creativity to live this value in the most elevated, inspiring and impactful way.”

Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback
Senior Rabbi, Stephen Wise Temple

Our Mission

Learn Deeply. We encourage a love of learning by enabling children to experience their own stage of development, helping them to feel success. Through dedicated concentration on emergent curriculum, we use the interests of the children to launch opportunities for in-depth, integrated study, and exploration across all academic disciplines.

Be Creative. We know children learn best through experiential practice. We allow children to foster their creativity, imagination and curiosity through our emergent curriculum and play-based philosophy that focuses on the development of critical thinking skills.

Experience Wholeness. Raising a child takes a village. Aaron Milken Center will look to expert educators, family, and friends to help support the whole child on his or her educational and spiritual journey. We incorporate the values and community of a o Jewish education (Talmud Torah), such as hoda’ah (gratitude), kavod (respect), and our responsibility to repair the world (tikkun olam).

Make Great Happen. We know children are capable, critical thinkers who understand their role as active participants in a vibrant Jewish community. At Aaron Milken Center we will raise happy, well-adjusted mensches who we know will one day change the world.