Philosophy and Curriculum

Philosophy and Curriculum


Aaron Milken Center Early Childhood Education provides children with an innovative educational experience tailored to the needs and expression of the whole child within an inclusive Jewish community.


In each class and at every age, our approach to education is through the lens of a Constructivist philosophy, focusing on hands-on, experiential learning that sparks curiosity, fosters creativity, and encourages children to think deeply, imaginatively, and critically as they explore their classroom environment and unravel the challenges that arise through their work and their play.
We give honor to the diversity of our families and we celebrate the uniqueness in each one of us.
We encourage a love of learning by enabling children to experience their own stage of development, helping them to feel success without pressure. Through dedicated concentration on emergent curriculum, we use the interests of the children as a natural springboard to launch opportunities of in-depth, integrated exploration and study across all academic disciplines, from language, math, social studies, Jewish studies, science, engineering, technology, music, and fine arts. Small and large-group activities strengthen the children’s social skills, self-esteem, and teamwork abilities.

award-winning curriculum

We focus on the celebration, history, culture and traditions of the Jewish People in concert with an emergent curriculum that includes academic readiness experiences in math, reading, social studies, and science. As a focus of our partnership with the USC Rossier School of Education in developing our award-winning curriculum, we emphasize critical and creative thinking skills, with the purpose of helping children learn how to learn. Teachers build self-esteem in children by providing the language of critical thinking to help describe the interest and wonder they find in the world around them. We provide multiple points of entry through various mediums to captivate and sustain deep engagement for every child. The values of kindness (chesed), respect (kavod), responsibility (achrayut), gratitude (hoda’ah) and being part of a holy community (kehillah k’dosha) are integrated throughout the learning process. These are at the forefront of the work we engage in with children and how we make meaning every day.