Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Aaron Milken Center at Wise be built?

We are in the fundraising stage now and it’s going incredibly well thanks to the generosity of our community and even those outside of Wise!
Groundbreaking was held in November 2022.

Where will my child(ren) be during construction?

Great attention and care is going into our master plan for construction, including our plan to house our ECE program and students while it’s all going on. Though we cannot share details right now, we can assure you that an incredible team is working on this and many other factors. Our parents will be well informed throughout the entire process.

Sounds great! Will my child(ren) have to wear hard hats and workboots?
Not at all! Campus safety is our top priority and will be the first and foremost element of our plans every step of the way (literally and figuratively).

Where is Aaron Milken Center being built?
The new facility will consist of brand new construction on the current upper level of our Early Childhood Center (Witzman and Brown-Freeman Parenting Center) as well as renovations to the current ECC classrooms behind Katz Family Pavilion.

Are Early Childhood Education and Parenting still part of Wise School?
Aaron Milken Center at Wise will be a facility and program on our campus dedicated to Early Childhood Education, Parenting, and community engagement. It will be a different school from Wise School but very much a partner in the Wise philosophy of providing an incredible education steeped in Jewish values. It will remain under the same leadership as Wise School:  Tami Weiser, and Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback.
It is our hope that graduates of Aaron Milken Center at Wise will continue their Jewish education either at Wise School or Wise Religious School, through B’nai Mitzvah and beyond!

So why is this happening? Why now? Why here?
The short answer is that we believe in the power of Jewish Early Childhood Education to change the world.
It touches the lives of children, parents, and grandparents alike. It fosters deep and lasting friendships that bind families together for generations.
The longer answer is that our current beloved ECC buildings and outdoor play areas have served our community beautifully for decades—this incredibly generous gift challenge gives us a terrific opportunity to build a transformational, state-of-the-art campus to equal our state-of-the-art educational programs.

We will create new
outdoor play-and-learn areas

  • art, music, and creativity centers
  • worship spaces to inspire joyful prayer for our young children
  • special places for parents and grandparents to connect with their babies and toddlers
  • opportunities for community engagement

…and so much, much, much more!

You weren’t kidding. This is tremendously exciting! How can I be a part of it?
For giving opportunities or general information, please contact Jessica Lebovits Mannon, Director of Development, at [email protected] or by phone at 310.889.2276.

For enrollment opportunities in our Parenting Center or Early Childhood Education, email us to learn all about our wonderful program that’s only getting even wonderfuller