Vibrant Learning Spaces

Vibrant Learning Spaces

Community and child-centered design by one of Los Angeles’ leading architecture firms.

Common Spaces for Gathering | Families are seeking to make connections with other families when they join a synagogue preschool. By having an area that invites social gathering, we will meet a great need that exists in our Aaron Milken Center campus. These spaces will provide a place for a parent to sit with their child in those precious moments before separating for the day. Our new facilities will provide opportunities for our school to come together for events throughout the school calendar as well.

Indoor/Outdoor | We will have a number of unique outdoor spaces around our school, all of which will be enhanced to truly allow for nature to be the focus of the play experience. We will integrate diverse, eclectic types of outdoor areas that will include a sensory garden; a vegetable garden; spots for water, sand, and mud play; climbing structures; and many more assets to take full advantage of the natural beauty of our campus. Inside, classrooms will be filled with light from floor to ceiling— windows and skylights in our common spaces will allow children to experience the outdoors from a different perspective. The children will feel the process and sense of wonder in bringing the outdoors in—this will impact their work and the way they move through their day.

Specialist Areas | Designs will include an art studio, music room, tinker space, gardens, and green spaces for exploration. These spaces will help us integrate learning into our school in a thoughtful, consistent and concrete way.

Expanded Student Support | We know how important timely, early intervention can be. We will expand the identification and coordination of student support services such as occupational, physical, and speech therapy and also provide counseling services.

Creative spaces for thoughtful, enriching programs prepare our children to become lifelong learners and engage our families in a vibrant tradition of Jewish education, taking our school to an even higher level of excellence.