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An innovative, educational experience tailored to the needs and expression of the whole child in an inclusive Jewish community.

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early childhood education

raising a child takes a village

At Aaron Milken Center, we believe that expert educators, family, and friends all have a role in supporting the whole child on their educational and spiritual journey. We incorporate the values and community of a Jewish education (Talmud Torah), such as hoda’ah (gratitude), kavod (respect), and tikkun olam (our responsibility to repair the world.

support for every stage of life

Parenting is a life-long journey, as is the building of dynamic relationships with our children. As a parenting center, we seek to support parents and their children at every stage of life.
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Supporting parents every step of the way.

baby and me

Your parenting journey begins here.


find a family beyond your family

Aaron Milken Center is an essential part of the Stephen Wise Temple and Wise School community, an educational leader in the Los Angeles Jewish community for over six decades.

an education village for the 21st century