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Already welcoming students on its incredible 19-acre grounds, the Aaron Milken Center is proud to announce the unveiling of its new building in Fall 2024. Merging natural beauty with state-of-the-art educational facilities, our hilltop campus offers expansive play areas, innovative classrooms, and top-notch security, ensuring both inspiration and peace of mind during every learning experience.

an educational village for the 21st century

Our campus, perched on a picturesque hilltop with a breathtaking natural setting, offers an engaging and enriching learning environment that sparks limitless imagination. With planned expansive outdoor play areas, surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking panoramic views, our new center (set to open fall 2024) will feature creatively designed classrooms, age-appropriate playgrounds, a teaching kitchen, and 3,100 square feet of learning gardens that encourage discovery, exploration, and collaborative learning. 

Help us create the future of early childhood education. Dedication opportunities are still available.


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signature campus offerings

Our campus offers thoughtfully designed spaces that nurture intellect, community, and connection. Experience our state-of-the-art classrooms, peaceful gathering zones, and dedicated areas for study, guidance, and collaboration. Every detail echoes our pursuit of excellence. Find inspiration at every turn. Welcome.

creative classroom spaces

​​Our new center will feature creatively designed classrooms, age-appropriate playgrounds, a teaching kitchen, and 3,100 square feet of learning gardens that encourage and enable discovery, exploration, and collaborative learning.

parenting center

Parents with babies and young toddlers connect with one another while also gaining valuable skills to nurture happy, healthy, and inquisitive little ones. Both children and parents will forge their first friendships and form lifelong connections, establishing a strong foundation within our vibrant community.

beit midrash

As a Jewish early childhood education center, our moments of learning, observance, joy, and celebration are shared as a united community. Our Beit Midrash will be a sacred space tailored specifically for our children and families, where Judaism comes alive through music, prayer, and the teachings of Torah.

common spaces for gathering

Our shaded plaza, terraced seating, and meditative Reflection Garden offer intimate spaces for parent-child bonding before the school day begins. With our new facilities, we’ll host school events, encouraging connections between families in our spacious 2,200-square-foot social center. Families can also gather in our musical Beit Midrash and enjoy winding nature trails leading to a breathtaking hillside vista.


Our outdoor spaces, featuring a Sensory Garden with sound nodes, water play, and tactile plants, prioritize nature in play. Children learn about animal care and farm-to-table produce in our Nurture Garden, while enjoying our mountaintop campus’s climbing structures, water, sand, and mud play areas. Indoor classrooms, illuminated by natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights, bring the outdoors in, fostering a unique connection with nature that enhances children’s daily experiences and learning.

specialist areas

Designs will include an art studio, music room, tinker space, gardens, a teaching kitchen, and green spaces for exploration. These creative spaces for thoughtful, enriching programs will prepare our children to become lifelong learners and will engage our families in a vibrant tradition of Jewish education, taking our school to an even higher level of excellence.