Navigating the Aaron Milken Center Journey

As we embark on this transformative venture, we know you may have questions — from our construction timeline to educational philosophy. Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you get acquainted with the exciting developments at Aaron Milken Center. Whether you’re curious about safety measures during construction or our unique approach to early childhood education, find your answers here.

At what age can my child begin at Aaron Milken Center?

Your child can begin their journey in our parenting center at 3 months. Once they turn 2, they can start in our preschool program. Children who turn 2 by August 31st are eligible to begin in September. Children who turn 2 by December 31st are eligible to begin in our January program.

What are the hours?

Our program is Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. We offer early drop off starting at 7:30 a.m., and extended day runs until 4 p.m.

Do we have to be Jewish to attend Aaron Milken Center?

No. We welcome any family who shares in our mission and core values of gratitude (hoda’ah), respect (kavod), and repairing the world (tikkun olam). We offer an environment of inclusivity and support.

Do we need to join Stephen Wise Temple?

You do not need to be a member of the temple to take classes in our parenting center, but a temple membership is required to be part of our preschool. To learn more about our vibrant temple community, click here.

Do children need to be potty trained?

No. We support parents through the process as their children show signs of readiness.

Do you have a hot lunch program?

We offer an optional, kosher hot lunch program at an additional cost.

How can parents get involved?

Our Wise Parent Association (WPA) offers countless opportunities for preschool parents to be involved. From volunteering on a committee (SOVA, Yearbook), chairing an event (Book Fair, Teacher Appreciation week, Purim Carnival) or being a room parent, parents can be involved as much or as little as they choose. Additionally, parent socials, party book events and school wine and cheese evenings are wonderful ways to have fun and get to know other parents.

What is your teaching philosophy?

The constructivist philosophy allows teachers and children to experience learning together. This teaching style emphasizes active participation, critical thinking, and the construction of knowledge through hands-on experiences and personal meaning - making.

What curriculum do you implement?

Our constructivist philosophy is the foundation for our teaching practices that include an emergent curriculum. Emergent curriculum allows each class to use the interests of the children to dive deeply into a topic over the course of the year. The children build the executive functioning skills of planning, conversation, divergent thinking, and design thinking to answer their own questions about how the world works. These investigations tie into our learning of Jewish values, holidays, and traditions. AMC classroom environments are rich with materials for children to use for all areas of development. The materials are natural and beautiful, following the inspiration of the schools in Reggio Italy. Older children are prepared for elementary school through our literacy and math curriculum (Handwriting Without Tears, Heggarty Phonics, Everyday Math Components), as well as a focus on fine motor and physical development.

Tell me more about your Hebrew immersion program.

Beginning at age 3, we offer an optional 2 year Hebrew Immersion program. Unique to Aaron Milken Center, the program emphasizes Hebrew as a modern language aligning with studies that prove that becoming bilingual has a positive effect on students’ intellectual growth in all subject areas. Students build confidence as they are immersed in the beauty, traditions and sophistication of the language, while learning to speak, read and write with natural fluency. The teachers in the Hebrew Immersion class speak only in Hebrew.

Why are you building a new upper village for Aaron Milken Center?

While our beloved early childhood buildings and play areas have beautifully served our community for decades, an incredibly generous gift by Lowell Milken and Sandra Salka Milken, as well as the remarkable generosity of our community, has enabled us to build a transformational, state-of-the-art facility to equal our state-of-the-art educational programs. Our new spaces will inspire children during their most formative years in brain development. The new campus will feature an educational working kitchen, sensory gardens, a Beit Midrash, art studio, social center, library, outdoor play spaces connected to each classroom, and so much more.

Why Aaron Milken Center?

At Aaron Milken Center, we believe in nurturing young minds and fostering lifelong connections. Your children will be educated by the most experienced, creative and loving teachers and your entire family will be welcomed into a beautiful community that embraces Jewish values and traditions.